Band Levels

The incentive for children in our courses are different levels of 'bands'. In each of these levels children will learn skills, rules and ettiquette of golf.


By completing these levels they will have achieved a standard that can be accepted by golf clubs. After completion of each level the child will be awarded a coloured band and certificate.

The children really love receiving their bands to show their accomplishment off to family and friends.

Details of what is taught and the necessary standard to reach to be able to pass each band level, is written below.

White Band Level



Starting understanding of dangers of golf clubs and golf balls.

Whistle tests to stand still and stop what they are doing when the whistle is blown.

Random whistle blows during lessons.

Positioning in line while hitting balls, and not stepping out of line.



How many people can play together on a golf course?

What to shout if a golf ball is heading towards someone?

What to do if someone shouts “Four “ on a golf course?



Positioning of hands for Hold or Grip.

Both hands close together with no gaps between hands.

How wide should your feet be apart. ( shoulder width )

Swing always starts with club head behind the ball.

Clubface aimed at the target.


Teaching methods are established with single word to mean each position for clarity to the child!

Green Band Level



Safety rules to be recited as before with white level.

Continuation of random whistle and “four” tests.

Introduction of where to stand when someone is playing their shot.



Knowledge of parts of the golf course. Tee-box, Fairway, Rough, Green and Bunker.

Order of play on golf course e.g Furthest away from the hole hits next!

Name of club to be used on the green i.e Putter.

Name 6 things you are not permitted to do on a green. (List of 12 things taught to the childrenthrough the classes.)



Posture moving into distance away from the ball.

Take-away by turning the shoulder under their chin.

Weight transfer with a balanced finish.

Balanced finish has to be held for a count of 3. To pass either left or right foot has to be held in an upright position with toe on the ground.

(3 attempts are permitted!)

Blue Band Level



Safety rules to be recited as before in white and green levels.

Random whistle and “ Four “ tests.



When a ball lands on a green a hole or indentation is left. What is the name of this?  Pitchmark!

What is the tool called to repair this hole called?   Pitchfork!

Children are shown pitchforks and asked to show how to repair the mark.

What is a “divot” and how to replace the “divot”

What is a penalty drop and what is the correct method of taking this drop.



What is Ball-Position?

What Ball-Position for each club and shot?

Introduction to Chip shot, Pitch-shot and Bunker shot. The difference of each shot with stance and flight.

Introduction to putting. Stance,Aim and Stroke.




Land 3 out 5 shots with a 10yrd carry in a target of 10 yrds deep

Putting Long and short putts

2 out of 5 putts from 6 feet

3 out of 5 putts from 3 feet


(All tests are only carried out once per session!)





Orange Band Level



Safety rules as recited before with white, green and blue levels.

Random whistle and “ Four “ tests.



What is a par 3, 4 or 5.

What is an  Eagle, Birdie, Par, Bogey and Double Bogey.

Defination of “Slow Play “ e.g Losing a hole in space from the group in front and answers as to how to avoid this problem.

What is a water hazard and how to take a drop from the hazard.

Respect for others on the golf course. Awareness of others on the Golf course.



Putting technique. Stance, Allignment, Aim and Stroke.

Allignment and parallel lines with feet, hips and shoulders.

Introduction of pre-shot routine. All set up parts should be checked before swing starts.

Significance of a practice swing.



Putting-  3 out of 5 putts from 8 feet & 4 out of 5 from 4 feet

Pitching- carry ball 10 yards to land within a 5x5 yard square area

Long Putts- Putt 2 out of 5 balls into a hoop from 15 feet.


Each individual test is carried out once per child per session!

Gold Band Level



Safety rules recited as before with white, green, blue and orange bands.

Random whistle and “Four “ tests carried out throughout the classes.



Introduction to scorecards.

What is a handicap?

Explanation of stroke index and how a handicap is used.

Importance of Honesty and correct scorecard marking.

Signing of a scorecard.

What to do with a lost ball, What is a provisional ball?

How to let the group behind through and when.

Review on all etiquette rules on protection of the golf course.



Formation of final pre shot routine.

Distance control of putting and importance of practice.

Complete test on all set up and swing learnt through the band system.

E.G Aim, Grip, Stance, Allignment, Ball-postion, Posture, and Swing



Distance Putting-3 out of 5 from 15 feet into a hoop.

Pitching- carry 10 yards and land 3 out of 5 into a target of 5x3 yards 



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