about our courses

Do you want to realise your childs potential? Then GolfTastic can help.

We teach children the basics of golf in a fun and challenging environment. Providing them not only with skills on the golf course, but with skills for life. GolfTastic gives your child a chance to develop through overcoming problems and challenges. Our unique reward system is designed to give children manageable tasks to complete, helping them to hopefully reach a level at which they can be accepted by golfing clubs. We will also teach your child golfing etiquette, helping them to develop important social skills, and of course stay safe whilst playing. 

Realise your childs potential and give them skills for life with GolfTastic.

GolfTastic aims to 

  • Challenge the perceptions of golf as an elitist sport

  • Raise levels of physical activity

  • Give children an opportunity to have fun and enjoy golf

  • Give children ‘skills’ for life through the etiquette of golf

  • Give children challenges to overcome and rewards for completion

Do you have a question about the lessons? Please read our FAQs or contact us for more information.

We are currently offering a variety of new classes and courses.

To find out more, or to book, please contact us. 

We also do a variety of work with local schools, to find out more about GolfTastic in schools visit our schools page.